I began LatteDa! Imagery in January, 2011 as a home-based graphic design and photography business. After spending over twelve years employed in the graphic design field, I was excited to focus on expanding my freelance business. My prior experience in the visual arts field has included full-time employment at charitable organizations and churches as well as freelance projects for businesses and professional individuals. My formal photography training came through classes at the University of Central Arkansas instructed by Mike Kemp. My clients love me for my quality work, fair prices, professionalism, and quick turnover. In addition, I have been credited with my ability to provide a relaxed atmosphere in photo sessions that result in genuine smiles from my subjects,: especially children.


I have a passion for media arts and desire to share that passion with others. I put every effort into providing quality, meaningful design and photography to my clients at fair prices. Whether you are a corporation, a nonprofit organization, or an individual, I am committed to providing you with quality service.


It is especially important for a charitable organization to capture the attention of their audience because the success of their organization depends on the generosity of donors. Marketing media must be both professional and meaningful to the audience. I am experienced at designing both small and large projects for nonprofit organizations. Because of that experience, I understand some of the unique struggles nonprofit organizations face in marketing. 

Charitable organizations often depend on volunteers to provide needed services. However, counting on a donation of services can become a problem. The one donating the service often puts paid projects first, forcing the charity to the back burner. The lack of motivation can also cause the donor to refrain from putting forward their best effort at producing quality work.

Because nonprofits are under particular budget constraints, they are often unable to hire staff for the sole purpose of producing print and web materials. Sometimes the job is given to a staff member who lacks the interest or knowledge in designing these projects, which can lead to frustration for everyone. In addition, software and equipment used in visual media production is very costly.

These are only a few  reasons why many charitable institutions have decided the most effective route to gaining the attention they deserve is to hire a designer on a contractual basis. I am prepared to provide you with the service you need. If your project will benefit charitable work, ask me how you may be able to qualify for a nonprofit discount.



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